Wearing the Yellow Jackets Jersey with Pride

When we launch our Elev8 program on a campus, one of our greatest compliments is when our staff is fully integrated and seen as “wearing the jersey” of the home team. This past December, Chelsey Brown was publicly recognized as doing just that, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Chelsey received the 2019 Character Award for the Georgia Tech Athletic Association, one of only four awards given to the athletics staff by Director of Athletics, Todd Stansbury.

We see Chelsey regularly operate with excellence, always seeking to enhance the service level for the Yellow Jackets and their donors, while also fostering strong relationships with donors, vendors and other partners. But aside from her skills, her character qualities make her truly invaluable. Chelsey is loyal, dedicated, hardworking, and always looks for ways to serve others in humility.

We’re not surprised Chelsey was chosen for this award, but we sure love seeing others recognize her and her character. Congratulations, Chelsey!