Meet Jane.

She’s an event director for Colonnade Connect. It’s her job to connect fans to the sponsors and to the game with unique, high-energy game day experiences.

Jane is always on the go. With over 18 years of experience, she manages budgets and hundreds of vendors while designing layouts and crafting new unique interactives for fans to engage with their favorite teams, conferences and sponsors at conference championships around the nation.

Jane may be a Louisiana native, but as an Auburn University graduate, her Tigers wear orange and blue! When she’s not busy answering “Jane-come-in” or “Come-in-Jane” on the radio at an event, she’s busy spending time with her husband Fuller, their daughter Sadie (12) and their dog Kolee (4).

An event and game day expert, Jane has many secrets to ensuring an event goes off without a hitch, but one of the most important of all –