Colonnade made the Big event feel cozy.

The 2018 Phillips 66 Big 12 Baseball Championship was held at Oklahoma City’s Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark again back in May, and Colonnade Group was there to facilitate the good times at Big 12 GameDay presented by ESPN, despite spatial limitations.

At this particular championship, Colonnade has the unique opportunity to create experiences inside the stadium, but that also means packing a lot into a small space.

Fortunately, Event Director Lisa Donachie gets great support from the partners in OKC – the OKC Dodgers, the OKC All Sports staff, and the local volunteer base – so she can focus on turning the space challenge into an opportunity to introduce new and interesting activations that depart from traditional inflatables or exhibits that take up larger footprints.

The Speed Pitch activation is a fan favorite and brings together fans of all ages.

“People of all ages want to know how fast they can throw a baseball,” says Lisa. On average, fans throw around 50 mph, but some of the adults are convinced the radar is broken when they see their speeds displayed. “That thing must be broken – it’s off by 20 mph!”

Last year, the Big 12 rebranded their championships, and Lisa was especially pleased with the creative execution of Big 12 GameDay that seamlessly coincided with the conference’s rebranding efforts. New signage designs and applications, including decals at the baseball stadium, enhanced the look and feel of her event.

And, when Colonnade highlights the Big 12 brand with continuity at its fan events, the Big 12 benefits from stronger brand recognition and connection for its fans and sponsors.

It makes for a “W” for both Colonnade and the Big 12.