Every football season, the Colonnade staff swells to 866 employees across all 14 Elev8 schools to help make game day extraordinary. The team members who make up this vast increase are FANGINEERS, the on-the-ground task force and Colonnade Elev8’s secret weapon for successful premium seating management.

The Colonnade staff begins FANGINEER recruitment every spring, a testament to the fact that football prep is a year-round effort. Elev8 Director Bethany Hawkins adds, “We want to make sure we devote time and effort to finding the best and the friendliest. We search high and low, from our universities to local area groups, to find those committed to excellent customer service.”

After finding the best and brightest, the next step is naturally training them to be FANGINEERS. Enter: FANGINEER Academy. The CG training program has many layers in order to prepare FANGINEERS for any issue that might arise on a game day. They learn about ticketing, credentials and access, providing PEAK customer service, and emergency procedures. FANGINEER Academy positions each FANGINEER to play a part in helping Elev8 areas run smoothly on a game day.

“FANGINEERS serve as our first-impression makers, our request fulfillers, and our trouble shooters. From the moment guests enter, FANGINEERS greet them with a happy smile and a warm welcome. No issue is too large for our FANGINEERS. They put bandages on boo-boos, direct fans to the closest ATM, and refill ice, among so many other tasks! Each game day is different, and our FANGINEERS are flexible and accommodating to each premium seating patron. Should they need a little extra help, our expert Directors and Interns are just a radio call away.”

-Bethany Hawkins, Elev8 Director

Bringing together such a dynamic group of individuals to make up the team of FANGINEERS is not unlike the core Colonnade team itself. FANGINEERS are much more than game day workers. They’re a part of the Colonnade family, and many have become interns and Elev8 Directors themselves, proving that being a FANGINEER is more than just your average college gig.