Game days come and go, but the Colonnade equipment warehouse never has an off-season.

The Colonnade warehouse is the hub for all our events – tables and chairs, risers and bleachers, lighting and sound, custom staging, game day interactives – you name it, we have it stored, prepped, cleaned and ready for the next big event at our 72,000 square-foot warehouse in Birmingham.

Because we work across the country year-round, our warehouse team is in constant motion, managing incoming and outgoing equipment, while always keeping their eyes on the next event around the corner.

“We have just finished up with the Big 12 and the SEC basketball events as well as the Final Four in San Antonio, which means all those items are now back in the warehouse waiting to be sorted, repaired, cleaned, and stored,” said Warehouse Manager, Larry Haueter. “We also just sent trucks to Minute Maid Park in Houston, and received back a completed shipment of chairs from Churchill Downs in Kentucky.”

Colonnade’s warehouse team also had the Crimson Tide A Day game and prepared for an install at Del Mar Racetrack in California. In addition to ensuring current events happen seamlessly, they have to find the time to plan and practice for a new event or an install at new venue. “When a new stadium comes online, like the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta,” said Larry, “we will do a mock install well in advance of an event to ensure we are prepared and have all the appropriate components ready for the real install. That way we know we are ready and not scrambling at the last minute.”

It’s a lot to keep track of, but the warehouse is a finely tuned machine that is integral to the business we do. When items aren’t coming and going, the team is making sure everything is checked in, cleaned, in working order, and stored properly for the next use. Although it’s a lot of work, it isn’t all work.

“I honestly like all the game day fan events we put on,” says Haueter. “We get to pull down and load all kinds of games and activities. We get to pull out footballs, basketballs, baseballs, pitching machines, field goal posts, pop-a-shot games, all that stuff. And of course, we also have to test these to make sure they all work properly.”