As you can tell upon entering Lisa Donachie’s office, she’s a UGA grad and a spirited fan.

“There are at least 15 bulldogs in here,” she says, pointing to the posters and figurines. “Well, probably more than 15, actually. I have an English Bulldog named Sugar, by the way.”

It’s that kind of all-in attitude that has empowered Lisa to be a leader at Colonnade. She’s the kind of Event Director that treats every occasion as a special occasion. And that’s why she’s our Colonnade Rockstar.

After graduating from UGA, Lisa interned with Colonnade Group for a year at Georgia Athletic Hospitality before becoming an official member of the Colonnade team and moving to Birmingham in 2014. Since then, her work has focused on event coordination at UGA, the Big Ten Conference, the Big 12 Conference, and the Birmingham Bowl.

Lisa just finished planning and executing the new fan event for the Big 12 Conference Football Championship in Arlington, Texas, the Conference’s first in 6 years. “In the past, we had three days to set up for the fan event. But this year, because there was a Cowboy’s game two days before the event, we only had one day,” she says coolly. “That included setting up game stations, coordinating with sponsors, placing signage, wrangling entertainment and catering, and setting up TVs. It was a lot, but we’ve got the experience and the team to make it happen.”

This is why Lisa is our Colonnade Rockstar: She recognizes that any rockstar is only as good as their band. “There’s no line between friend and co-worker at Colonnade. I have to rely on so many other people every day because every job requires a wide range of experience, and we all have a lot to learn from each other.”

According to Lisa, humility and a willingness to learn are big parts of her success.

“I’m not a rockstar. I just have a really good band. Working with this team for the last three years, I’ve learned to always keep the Colonnade mentality of going above and beyond.”

And for anyone interested in becoming the next Colonnade Rockstar, Lisa has this to say: “Always be willing to offer a helping hand. Always be willing to ask for help. Always be willing to dive in.”

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