Ensuring Every Game Day Experience is Exceptional

Overseeing fifteen schools is no easy task, but luckily our Area Directors are some of the best in the business and collectively, they manage to make it look easy. While most fans are just starting to get ready for football season, our five Elev8 Area Directors have been planning since the last game of last season. Typically working a season ahead, each Area Director spends countless hours planning, coaching and training their on-campus teams, preparing them to be the first line of defense for all questions or issues that might arise. Each Area Director manages up to four university accounts, including all client relationships and operations management, so their feet never stay planted for too long in any one place.

Elev8 Director Bethany Hawkins kicked off last season by giving the Area Directors a word to set the tone for the year. Bethany says, “I charged the Area Directors this past year to have a teaching mindset in everything they do. I wanted them to remember to push themselves and their teams to always be better.” That focus has helped the Elev8 team as a whole to not only provide exceptional service on game day for premium hospitality patrons of each university, but also to inspire a spirit of seeking excellence and growth in every way. Each game day is a chance to teach and learn, and none of it would be possible without our five Area Directors personally coaching and supporting each director and assistant director in the field.