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We put fans in the game by designing, building, and managing the highest quality, most innovative and luxurious temporary structures and seating available anywhere.

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Temporary structures that rival some of the best premium seating in the nation.

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We transform facilities and solve capacity challenges in such a way that blend the temporary and the permanent.

We are known for crafting luxurious temporary structures of all shapes and sizes for a wide range of events worldwide.

Structures + Seating

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Designing and building the best seats in the house.

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Successes + Events

2015 Breeders’ Cup

Keneland Race Course – Kentucky
Increase capacity so the Breeders’ Cup may return to its Kentucky home.

The clubhouse parking lot along the homestretch became chalets with walk-out access to the course railing. The end unit (pictured) with the best views of the track became a three story temporary structure – the first we had ever done. Accompanying the trackside chalets was the Maker’s Mark Bourbon Lounge, a 3,200-person structure with rail access and an additional chalet overlooking the paddock where horses paraded prior to the races.

NCAA Final Four

2002 to present – Each Annual Final Four Hosting City
Transform each unique venue into a 70,000 seat arena when the one-size-fits-all approach won’t work.

A truly unique approach to staging. We start at each location by measuring each facility with laser systems and analyzing blueprints to create computerized seating diagrams. Over the years, we have developed a staging system that lifts the entire basketball court off the ground, allowing fans greater visibility and creating larger capacity. Press accommodations and temporary seating are blended seamlessly with permanent seats. By the time we are finished, the temporary seats look like they are a permanent part of the stadium.

Circuit Of the Americas

2012 to present – Circuit of the Americas – Texas
Create unparalleled views of the track with protection from the Texas Sun.

The Circuit of the Americas is on a site where shade is not plentiful. To enhance the fan experience we designed and built luxury climate controlled tenting with private access for VIP guests. Then, we installed open-air covered tiered seating to shelter fans from the hot Texas sun. Additionally, since the track is more than three miles long, we placed grandstands at strategic locations around the track for the best views and created a centralized area for event tents and a recreation pavilion by the main grandstand.

2017 Breeders’ Cup

Del Mar Race Course – California
Better accommodate modern crowds “where the surf meets the turf.”

2017 saw the Breeders’ Cup held at Del Mar for the first time, and Colonnade was brought in to develop a plan to safely and comfortably accommodate a crowd in the 80-year-old complex. The Venu+ team began with a site assessment that included analyzing ingress and egress patterns. The plan called for building temporary seating and bleachers that blended seamlessly into the existing permanent structures. By race day, patrons didn’t know what was new and what had been there for more than eight decades.

2012-17 Armed Forces Classic

Ramstein Air Force Base – Germany
Coordinate with vendors from England to Poland and turn an airline hangar into a basketball arena.

We designed the entire system to place the court, the bleachers and the TV camera so viewers could see aircraft, vehicles, and soldiers going about their regular business. This created a dramatic backdrop and makes the annual event even more special. Our solution has proven so successful that we have used it in other facilities for other events and exhibition games.

2015 Academy of Country Music Awards

AT&T Stadium – Texas
Transform a sports stadium into an intimate music venue.

Working with the ACMA design team and longtime partner, Staging Concepts, we pulled a page from our VIP event and game day hospitality experience to create a multi-layered visual approach and placed on what was typically the Dallas Cowboys field thousands upon thousands of seats on risers for honorees and their guests.

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